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Ernest Ikwanga, star du Malawi concert Chisekese JE 11.7. Café du Tilleul Fribourg 026 322 78 97

People should expect high standard performances hat will leave everyone starving for more.
with Sam Favez, drums - Patrick Badoud, bass

I am very prepared to give the people what they deserve in as far as live performances are concerned, they should expect. Nothing but high standard performances,he said
He said his new album carries inspirational songs that will change many lives.

Ernest lkwanga has established himself as one of the true “positive leaders and motivational musicians
as far as Afrocentric music is concerned in Malawi. His incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy
combine to make him one of the most sought Mr performers in the business today both within and outside the country.
He said his new album carries inspirational songs that will change many lives.

With guitar his main instrument, Ernest often tours the country with the band called Mafilika where he himself is one of the main leaders of the band.

Ernest Ikwanga est renommé dans son pays le Malawi

Age conseillé
6 à 12 ans, Adolescents, Adultes, Seniors
180 minutes
Ernest Ikwanga
Ernest Ikwanga
Ernest Ikwanga : chant et guitare Samuel Favez, batterie Patrick Badoud, basse
sam. 06 juil. 2019

ERNEST IRKWANGA TRIO - Café Concert Restaurant du Tilleul

Rue du Tilleul 5
1700 Fribourg

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SA 6-7-19 20h30
Contact / Réservation
Numéro de Téléphone
+41 26 322 78 97


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