Summer Street Art Festival

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BANKSY IN GENEVA An Unauthorized exhibition of artworks from private collections

Avis aux amateurs d'art et de discrétion... Rendez-vous à Genève pour une exposition exceptionnelle des œuvres de Banksy, M. Chat, Pimax, Byc et bien d'autres. On s'y voit? C'est par ici:


Exceptional Street Art exhibition Artworks by Banksy, M. Chat, Pimax, Być and more...

Street artists, may they be legends, acclaimed or emerging, have continuously challenged us with their messages, never ceasing to break the codes of contemporary art.

This summer, the Geneva Summer Street Art Festival welcomes the works of four world class artists for an exhibition organized by Bel-Air Fine Art, MCI Sport, Orox & M3 Group.

Mythical and emblematic figure of street art, incisive and irreverent, Banksy is today the most famous of the anonymous artists. His art is characterized by unequivocal political messages, irony and critics of modern day society.

The Swiss artist M. Chat on the other hand is everything but anonymous, well known for his yellow cat wearing a giant smile which we can admire worldwide on big city walls and foundations. Thomas Vuille and his enigmatic cat are today inseparable.

For Pimax, his "Nourf" dog is the trademark of his work, always ready to puzzle and raise questions. In a somewhat childlike universe, Pimax uses plot twists as the main support of his artistic approach.

For Byc, street art is the center core of his existential quest. Stencil enthusiast just like Banksy, he lets the substrate guide his hand and draw from the previous use of his instrument in order to give a meaning to his creation.

Live performances of M. Chat, Pimax and Byc will take place during the exhibition. The place will be kept secret and revealed only on

Age conseillé
0 à 5 ans, 6 à 12 ans, Adolescents, Adultes, Seniors
Date de fin
mer. 10 juil. 2019

Rue de l'Ancien Port, 11 - Genève Ville

Salle par défaut
1200 Genève

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Adults : 10 CHF

Childs under 10 years old : Free 

AVS/Unemployed/Students : 8 CHF


Sunday to Wednesday: 11.00 - 19.00

Thursday to Saturday: 11.30 - 20.00

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