Waiting for Jim

En cours - Jusqu'au 04.06.2022

A collective exhibition including works by Alan Charlton, Claude Cortinovis, Davide La Rocca, Don McCullin, James Nachtwey, Aurélie Pétrel, Ma Sibo.

The group exhibition brings together seven artists of different generations and nationalities. Photography is often present in their artistic practice, both as a medium in itself and as a technical tool that intervenes in a phase of creation and in the development of formal language.

Waiting for Jim explores the relationship between art and time, an explicit or implicit theme in the work of all the artists presented in the show. For Aurélie Pétrel, the notion of time relates to the time of the transformation process of the image during which it is transplanted, taking shape and volume in the physical world. Claude Cortinovis addresses time as that of the gesture repeated endlessly, the trace and proof of a human existence before its disappearance. For Davide La Rocca, time is expressed through his slow paintings and emotions, aroused, relived and experienced through the appropriation of scenes from cinematic masterpieces. The time of an instant – that of the photo captured in the moment – of James Nachtwey and Don McCullin, expands to become testimony to events that have taken place. Beyond this, it is elevated to an iconic, universal and eternal image. Time for Alan Charlton is rhythm, variation, norm and change. It is the persistence of a concept, or of an idea that lasts a lifetime. Finally, time appears suspended in the light-flooded paintings of Ma Sibo.

Around twenty works, demonstrating the most varied techniques, interact with and confront one another in the spaces of the gallery. From each angle, large eyes run through the exhibition, their gaze beckoning to the viewer. The eye associates both the perspective of the photographer who captures the image in the lens and the visionary view of the artist, or even that of the gallerist who shares their own eye with the public.

This exhibition includes works on loan from private collections.

Entrée gratuite
Age conseillé
6 à 12 ans, Adolescents, Adultes, Seniors
Date de fin
30 minutes
jeu. 28 avr. 2022

Gowen Contemporary

4, Rue Jean-Calvin
1204 Genève

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