Fashion Talks CH - Meeting #3

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The first fashion community in Geneva to meet, talk and share our passion for clothing.

Dear Fashion Talkers,

We are glad to invite you to our #3 meeting! If you want to do a short presentation of yourself or company, do not hesitate to send us a private message on our page!

We will get together in a fun setting where you will have the possibility to meet like-minded individuals, share knowledge, pitch and develop ideas, introduce ongoing projects, or just get inspired. We are like a group of friends having a great discussion about fashion, and we have so much to talk about!

We are introducing our new concept; from

now on, we will host our events at brands with values that will inspire you! This time, we are glad to invite you to discover the shirtmaker master of the region: Revenga Geneva!

The first talk of our event will be about a particular part of clothing; how to choose your shirts to compliment your personal needs and style. We will venture into the story of traditional handmade shirts, listen to Revenga’s story, and present you useful tips regarding the best materials, important details and cuts for women, children and men.

See you soon at a friendly event among good glasses of wine (ON US) !

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120 minutes
Joris SPAT (Founder) Lena Alnakhebi (Co-Founder) In collaboration with Revenga Geneva
Joris SPAT (Founder) Lena Alnakhebi (Co-Founder) In collaboration with Revenga Geneva
Joris SPAT (Founder) Lena Alnakhebi (Co-Founder) In collaboration with Revenga Geneva
mer. 05 juin 2019

Fashion Talks CH - Meeting #3 - La ville de Genève

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1200 Genève

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Revenga Chemisiers Genevois

Rue de Saint-Victor 4, accès par la Rue Charles-Bonnet, 1206 Genève

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7pm - 9pm
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