Kirwin & Mihaila

Kirwin & Mihaila
Le 23.11.2019

One is American, the other Romanian, both are very active in English speaking stand up from Geneva to Zurich.

Jen Kirwin is the founder of Expat Comedy Night. Her corrosive and smart-ass sense of humor blends perfectly with motherhood tales and themes like politics and society. Magda Mihaila is a new and promising face in local stand up. Polyglot and clear-sighted, her jokes are often clever, sometimes raw, and always hit the spot.

Age conseillé
Adolescents, Adultes, Seniors
80 minutes
sam. 23 nov. 2019

Kirwin & Mihaila - Caustic Comedy Club

Avenue Cardinal Mermillod 6
1227 Carouge

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Début du spectacle 20h30

Ouverture salle 20h15

Ouverture bar 19h00

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+41 78 723 98 18

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